Claudia Pasquero

Claudia Pasquero is an architect, engineer, author and educator. She has worked in London as an architect for international offices such as Ushida Findlay Partnership and Erick van Egeraat Architects before co-founding the ecoLogicStudio in 2006 together with Marco Poletto.
Claudia has completed a public library in Cirie’ (Turin) among other projects and she has been exhibiting ecoLogicStudio work at the Venice Architectural Biennale in 2006, in 2008 and 2010, where she has been presenting three different interacting prototypes, investigating the boundaries between architecture, science and tradition. Claudia has lectured and taught internationally;
Claudia has been Unit Master at the AA in London from September 2007 to September 2012; Visiting Lecturer at the IAAC, Barcelona since 2006; Hans and Roger Strauch Visiting Critic in Cornell University, Ithaca, NY in 2011/2012; director of CyberGardening the City AAMilan from September 2010; Director of Digital Fabrication: Fabrication Ecologies at the IAAC in Barcelona since October 2012 and Unit Master for the Graduate School in Urban Design at the Bartlett, UCL London since October 2012.

Talk: ecology beyond nature

In response to Slavoj Zizek’s call for a “new terrifying form of abstract materialism”, ecoLogicStudio approach argues for computational cyber-artificiality to substitute nature as the untamed reference for the development of new architectural codes; we are not searching for a green Arcadia and we are determined to embody a shanty version of it in the city.
ecoLogicStudio latest projects attempt to draw the line of a possible future convergence of cybernetics and environmental psychology, digital computational design and parametricism, digital craftsmanship and DIY interaction design, radical ecologic thinking and material activism.

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