Martina Decker

Martina Decker is an assistant professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in the College of Architecture and Design. She is originally from Munich, Germany, where she received her professional architecture degree from the University of Applied Sciences.
Martina Decker has worked on a wide range of award-winning projects that represent a penchant for interdisciplinary work, including: art installations, consumer products, and buildings. She and her firm Decker Yeadon LLC are known for their pursuit of design innovation through emergent materials, and work directly with various types of smart materials and nanomaterials. They investigate their properties, discover their capabilities, devise applications for them, and fabricate prototypes that demonstrate their potential. In the context of NJIT, Ms. Decker continues her interdisciplinary endeavors and her investigation of emergent materials and technologies in her Material Dynamics Lab.

Talk: Adapting Matter

Due to climate change that is largely human induced we have been observing changes in our global weather patterns with severe consequences for our society, economies, and the environment. Our cities and buildings in particular will have to respond to more frequent extreme weather events such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, heavy or freezing rain, heavy snowfalls, high wind speeds, temperature extremes, or hurricanes. It is of great importance that our built environment is able to respond to these changes in global weather patterns and the environment.
Nanotechnology has afforded us insights into the workings of matter at the scale of molecules and allows us to act on this newly gained knowledge. We can now develop materials with specific properties that can facilitate a response to the dynamic changes in the environment. This will be instrumental in discovering new solutions to the pressing issues of climate change and enable an architectural adaptation.