Conference Teaser
Manuel Kretzer : Welcome Speech

Session One : Printed Physics / Programmed Matter (Chair: Manuel Kretzer)

Manuel Kretzer : Beyond Performance
Ludger Hovestadt : Printed Phyics
Martina Decker : Adapting Matter
John Sarik : Applications of unconventional electronics
Areti Markopoulou : In[Form]ation
Panel Discussion

Session Two : Bioinspiration / Sustainability (Chair: Alex Haw)

Alex Haw : Building Nature

Philip Beesley : Radiant Soil – Toward diffusive prototyping
Simon Schleicher : Transferring principles of plant movements to elastic systems in architecture
Dino Rossi : It moves, but why? Justifying adaptive architectural systems
Claudia Pasquero, Marco Poletto : ecology beyond nature
Panel Discussion

Session Three : Interaction / Behaviour / Intelligence (Chair: Tomasz Jaskiewicz)

Tomasz Jaskiewicz : Complex Adaptive Interactive Architecture
Kas Oosterhuis : Tag, Make, Move, Evolve

Ruairi Glynn : Irresistible Anima

Stefan Dulman : Hive Systems – introducing HiveKit software
Jason Bruges : Architecture and Audience
Final Discussion